Sustainable Development

Mulberry Square is planning ahead for a healthy and wealthy business future

The Board of Directors of Mulberry Square have considered the issue of sustainable development and wish to acknowledge the Company's responsibilities by actively subscribing to the following overarching ideals:

  • Fair and responsible social progress
  • Protection of the environment
  • Prudent use of natural resources
  • Growth in economic activity and employment

It is the responsibility of the Managing Director, Craig Johnstone, to ensure that the Company's policies maintain the direction of the Company within the core functions of Sales & Marketing, Production and Finance towards those ideas above. In order to move the business forward the following policy initiatives have been established within day-to-day operating procedures.

Economic & Employment Growth

We value our place in the local and national fabric and aim to generate a consistently fair and reasonable rate of return in order to remunerate employees and shareholders. It is recognised that the business cannot stand still and that planned growth is required to safeguard future employment prospects. It is the responsibility of the board to ensure that those plans are made and actual performance is monitored.

Research & Development

We operate in an environment where innovation is actively encouraged. To illustrate this we have established the position of Manager of Digital Communications whose remit includes; the research and development of file transfer techniques, scripting of codes for online communication devices, management of internal and external servers and the data and systems they support, identifying new internet sales opportunities for our clients and additional income streams for them.

We are in the process of developing a 'web 2 print' service which will offer printed products produced to customers' bespoke designs to complement the services offered by Mulberry Square and this will make use of the file management service 'isDatalodge'.

The following principles will be adhered to in their development and implementation:

  • By marketing our brands and the services and products we offer in a strategic manner it will maximise our income streams
  • By being innovative with the services and products we offer, our brands will enable our customers to communicate more effectively with their audiences, resulting in our brands strengthening existing relationships, whilst developing new ones
  • By reducing our costs, managing our risk and by increasing cash-flow we will create a stable environment with which to invest and grow


It is the policy of the Company to source and provide our customers with quality printed products and a variety of creative and internet services which meet agreed specifications whilst at the same time maintaining a level of customer service that meets their specific needs.

To reinforce our commitment to, and to ensure our policy is achieved, we have:

  • Introduced the role of Control Systems Manager
  • Introduced a formal quality management system with which all staff should comply
  • Ensured that all staff are aware of their quality responsibilities and at all times work to documented procedures
  • Provided adequate training as required for staff to meet our quality requirements
  • Created continuous and effective quality improvement as a result of reporting and following up all quality related problems

Each of our employees are given the opportunity to develop systems throughout the business, always with the intention of improving communications and streamlining 'red tape'. When a requirement is identified, the ownership of that project is established with a time-frame agreed for a report to be produced. The recommendations are assessed by the Directors and the recommendations are acted upon where practicable and possible.

Achieving consistent high performance levels is one of the most important factors in our business. Quality, service and price are all encompassed under this title.

Customer Complaints Procedure

If a customer chooses to raise a complaint, we the Directors of Mulberry Square will ensure that:

  • All customer complaints are properly investigated and a response is made to the customer promptly, without prejudice to the investigation
  • If the complaint is justified, action to rectify the problem is commenced immediately
  • Any corrective actions required are fully implemented, monitored during implementation, and are effective
  • All resources and personnel skills necessary are available

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