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JOB VACANCY – WEB DESIGNER / WEB DEVELOPER (Marketing Services) – Loughborough

2nd October 2018

Hours: Full time Salary: Negotiable depending on experience Location: Loughborough Are you looking for a role where you can take a lead and make a difference? Do you have a demonstrable record of designing and developing websites that deliver high Google rankings, great user experience and positive results? If you have what it takes we may […]


Why use a password manager? : Keeping your password safe

11th November 2016

  The use of a tried and trusted, secure and safe password manager such as LastPass or Keeper in the current era, when cyber security and hacking is such an issue, is a huge benefit to not only organisations but individuals as well. The main and original point of having a password manager in place […]


Ghost spam : what is it?

25th August 2016

We’re all familiar with the concept of spam and spam traffic to websites that shows up on Google Analytics’ data and can, depending on the size of the site and the level of traffic it receives, really skew the data collected and make it hard to accurately analyse what is happening with the site and its visitors. Ghost spam shows up in Google Analytics as a visit, but doesn’t mean anything or anyone has visited the site. Learn about creating the right filters to avoid it.


The Twitter Divide: ‘Favourite’ Fan or a ‘Like’ Lover?

6th May 2016

Twitter has replaced the trusty ‘favourite’ star with the new heart button. We have had much debate in the office surrounding Twitter’s ‘favourite’ star, and now the new ‘love’ heart. Should the star have been reserved for those extra special tweets (and is therefore fairly pointless) or should it be used similarly to Facebook’s ‘like’ button, used as a conversation ender, an acknowledgment of posts that don’t require a response and just to generally like a tweet?

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Mulberry Square at the British Judo Awards 2015

6th December 2015

As proud sponsors of the British Judo Awards 2015, we attended the 9th Annual Awards Dinner, held this year at the East Midlands Conference Centre on 7th November. We were also lucky enough to present awards in 3 cetegories as well as producing and printing the programmes for the evening


Mulberry Square at Leicester Business Event 2015

4th November 2015

We attended the Leicestershire Business Event 2015! Our golf themed stand became quite an attraction, even LCFC’s Filbert couldn’t resist a go! LBE 2015 was a fantastic event and it was great to talk and network with everyone that attended.


Don’t Get Ad Writers’ Block

8th October 2015

The ones that follow you around the Internet, the ones that pop up half way through the article you’re reading or the flashy ones at the top of a page. Adverts are everywhere and are ever more pervasive, invasive and persistent, until now.

Ad blocking, particularly in mobile advertising, is becoming even easier for the user to do, potentially plunging your advert, your money and your presence online into oblivion. Ad blocking has grown globally by 41% in the past year alone as more users are purging their pages in favour of a clutter free viewing that is of their choosing.


SEO or SOS? Has the dust settled on Mobilegeddon or is it only just begininng?

22nd June 2015

A little over a month ago, in a move that caused something of a stir, Google rolled out its latest search algorithm update for mobile platforms. For those within the industry this seemingly major update signalled a fairly large prospective change in the way businesses may have to develop their websites.

The update marked a clear distinction as to what search results Google would or would not rank highly. Specifically: Mobile-friendly websites. Google categorically stated that if your website does not function properly on mobile devices, it won’t appear highly in mobile search results.

Now, over a month later, has the impact of Mobilegeddon changed the landscape of SEO and web functionality?