The use of a tried and trusted, secure and safe password manager such as LastPass or Keeper in the current era, when cyber security and hacking is such an issue, is a huge benefit to not only organisations but individuals as well.

The main and original point of having a password manager in place was to keep all of your usernames and passwords in one location, but to also keep usernames and passwords safe so others cannot access them. (more…)

As proud sponsors of the British Judo Awards 2015, we attended the 9th Annual Awards Dinner, held this year at the East Midlands Conference Centre on 7th November.

We were greeted at the black tie event with a champagne reception, which provided a perfect time to catch up with familiar faces at the British Judo Association.

Once sat down for the 3-course dinner, the awards ceremonies began and went in intervals between our delicious courses, and as sponsors, we were also privileged to be able to present a selection of awards to the winners too.

Craig presented gold, silver and bronze awards for the following categories: Event Volunteer of the Year, Club Volunteer of the Year and Club Coach of the Year.

As part of our sponsorship, we printed the programmes for the evening ensuring they suited the style of the event, with a glossy and professional finish. We were delighted to print and produce these programmes for the evening as part of our sponsorship.

As a valued client of Mulberry Square, we have worked with British Judo on a number of design and print management jobs for a number of years, helping them to provide important resources and information to the Judo clubs around the country, whilst maintaining the British Judo Branding.

Not only working on print, we’ve also aided their web design and development, in particular we created a page where each club can personalise details on posters to suit their location and contact details etc, but without changing the branding and look of the poster – enabling a consistent branding across the country’s clubs, but ensuring that they can equally be specific to each.

Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners from across the country, and a warm thank you to British Judo for letting us be a part of your wonderful evening, we look forward to our next project!


As well as sponsoring, we were also privileged to present awards in 3 categories


We think Filbert should stick to football!

Leicestershire Business Event 2015 welcomed us, Mulberry Square, to the one of the biggest dates on the Leicestershire business calendar.

LBE is an annual event inviting Leicestershire based businesses to come together under one roof, which is then open to registered attendees; from interested public to directors and company decision makers.

For those that attended, you may remember the people with the awesome putting green? That was us! For those who weren’t there, we went for a cool golf themed stand with a putting green! (more…)

Mulberry Square Growth Voucher AdvisersThe Government is currently running a Growth Vouchers scheme, which provides matched funding (of up to £2,000) to UK businesses. The scheme is designed to help businesses find trusted and accredited strategic advisors to help grow their business, either through investment in attracting and retaining new staff members or through attracting new clients and revenue streams. (more…)

Circus Starr came to Leicester with a brand new tour and breath-taking line-up of acts on Tuesday 11th November 2014.

Over the past few months, local businesses, including Mulberry Square, have been generously supporting the show by buying tickets that are now being donated to local children’s charities, support groups and special schools.

Circus Starr Director, Neville Wilson comments, “The children we invite to our shows face many challenges. Some have physical disabilities or learning difficulties, others have life limiting illnesses or are living in refuges. For all of them, life is a struggle and few ever have the chance to experience a live show such as ours.  We simply could not do this without the support we receive from Leicester businesses from the big corporations to the sole traders, every donation we receive makes a difference to these children’s lives.” (more…)

As you may have heard in the news, a vulnerability affecting OpenSSL (Version 1.01 and beta 1.0.2) was discovered last week. It has become widely known as the “Heartbleed Bug”.

OpenSSL is software which is used across much of the internet for encryption purposes, and many companies therefore use this software to keep their systems (and their customers’ data) secure. Any breach of these systems could have serious consequences. (more…)

I was interested to read a BBC News article today that referred to Weili Dai (co-founder of technology firm Marvell) commenting that playing basketball helped her be a team player, this made me take a look at what personal qualities can be developed through playing sport and how it can help you in business.


A solid customer base is the lifeblood of any business however large or small.

If you are in the early stages of any new venture you will do well to remember that it is vital that those customers that you gain at the very start are turned into repeat customers. Why? Because they will give you:

• Additional new opportunities
• Regular and reliable income month on month
• Referrals that we strengthen your ability to grow your customer base

Therefore it goes without saying then that you need to make both a lasting and memorable first impression.


Internet marketing is such a great and easy way of getting your name and brand out there.

Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages and printed business directories. Now is the age of the internet. For example, 28.8% of people in Europe use their mobile phone to find contact details for businesses with “click to call” functionality straight from the webpage they are on. More influential than this is the 41.1% of people using their mobile phones to find businesses and the services they provide. As such, wouldn’t you want to be at the top of the search in your field of expertise? (more…)

Media relations is a key element of PR activity and the marketing mix, and it needs to be as creative as any other activity.

Success is not just a case of preparing the release and distributing it; it’s about knowing how to do it best to get results. Just like great design, high-impact advertising campaigns or a well-organised product launch event, it needs thought, care and resources.

Our aim is not simply to send out press releases for clients and see their name in print, but to get coverage in a way that promotes the brand, enhances reputation and creates sales interest.

So, to be successful, media relations needs a ‘hook’; information that actually interests news editors and reporters. This is not necessarily the same subject that the writer/sender thinks is great news. You’ll get more coverage if you avoid boring the recipient.

Well-written, interesting news releases, media kits, background information, case studies, fact sheets, FAQs, biographies, discussion documents, white papers and photography are all important.

Printed publications are great but they have a limited life expectancy. Consider also using newswire services – they are the megaphone of your media campaign. They provide added coverage and exposure, reaching a more of the media, their audiences and, most importantly, your customers. The better your megaphone, the more chance there is of being found on the internet.

If you want to communicate clearly and effectively do it in the manner the recipient prefers. Media contact services will advise you on how to best reach busy journalists, whether it’s email, telephone, text, or podcast. There are so many ways these days, so don’t presume they’ll spot your release if you send it through the post.

There are also services that keep the media in touch with the PR provider, allowing journalists to reach out for information, interviews and comment. Often journalists will send out a message saying they need specific information about a subject area or are looking for an opportunity to interview someone about that subject.

Match your products and services to a publication’s features list. These are published in advance, often on an annual basis. That doesn’t mean though that you can’t approach editors with ideas in the meantime and don’t miss the chance to provide a by-lined article about particular areas of expertise. The more you get to know journalists the more you’ll understand what ‘does it’ for them.

Consider entering for awards, either industry based, professional or community. And when you enter don’t be shy about shouting it from the rooftops. Awards attract attention and build awareness.