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Facebook – does it know us too well?

16th January 2015

Researchers at the University of Cambridge and Stanford University have found that computers are able to predict our tastes and personalities better than people we know in real life, just by analysing Facebook ‘likes’.

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Supporting Local Charity

23rd December 2014

Circus Starr came to Leicester with a brand new tour and breath-taking line-up of acts on Tuesday 11th November 2014.

Over the past few months, local businesses, including Mulberry Square, have been generously supporting the show by buying tickets that are now being donated to local children’s charities, support groups and special schools.

Circus Starr Director, Neville Wilson comments, “The children we invite to our shows face many challenges. Some have physical disabilities or learning difficulties, others have life limiting illnesses or are living in refuges. For all of them, life is a struggle and few ever have the chance to experience a live show such as ours. We simply could not do this without the support we receive from Leicester businesses from the big corporations to the sole traders, every donation we receive makes a difference to these children’s lives.”


Auto-installers: Why the easy option might be too good to be true

22nd May 2014

Most of us are aware of auto-installers provided by the majority of web hosts now. Indeed, for a time, this was something we offered as well. Auto installers such as Fantastico or Softaculous (to name just two – there are plenty of others out there) have the big advantage that they allow very fast, very easy installation of a large number of common platforms: Wordpress and Joomla for example, as well as more complicated e-commerce set ups such as Prestashop or Magento.

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Heartbleed Bug Affecting Website Security

16th April 2014

As you may have heard in the news, a vulnerability affecting OpenSSL (Version 1.01 and beta 1.0.2) was discovered last week. It has become widely known as the “Heartbleed Bug”.

OpenSSL is software which is used across much of the internet for encryption purposes, and many companies therefore use this software to keep their systems (and their customers’ data) secure. Any breach of these systems could have serious consequences.


Starting your social media campaign

30th April 2013

Social media is quickly growing and in this day and age it can sometimes become difficult to keep up. With new social networks being created all of the time and new updates to existing platforms you can get a bit in a spin about social media.

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How NOT to use Twitter and other Social Media faux pas

15th April 2013

In this post Amy looks into the most common and easily avoidable social media faux pas; focusing on Twitter and Facebook for businesses. Amy has found through both her personal and business use of social media that costly mistakes are often made by those who are unfamiliar with the platforms. In this blog post you will find a few key steps that will help you to focus your social media use.

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Why are PR and SEO successful together?

5th April 2013

Online public relations and search engine optimisation share the same objective – to improve a client’s presence in the marketplace. They take slightly different approaches but share similar channels and opportunities. As a business grows, it’s vital to have the right combination of both so that the business can reach its full potential for inbound marketing.


Get started on your social media campaign today

25th March 2013

When it comes to social media most people don’t realise the benefits and how it can help their business. First of all it’s free and if something is free you should definitely take advantage of that. Secondly there’s a huge potential client base that you aren’t reaching and lastly it’s used daily by almost everybody!

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