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Buzzing about Bizzing!

21st April 2010

We were recently approached by a new company called Bizzing to provide graphic design services to design and develop its branding, in addition to offering marketing services to support the company in its promotion


Bamboozled by the banks… call the plain speaking police!

23rd March 2010

Where are the plain language police when you need them? Surely they have been tipped off on this one before?
We are in the process of creating an e-commerce website for a client who is going to be retailing really low value items, under £5 per transaction.


Paper prices to go up – More litho printers to go down

19th February 2010

The major European paper manufacturers have today announced that paper prices are set to increase at some point in late March / early April. They say that this latest increase is due to pulp prices increasing by a third over the past 12 months and haulage and fuel prices going up. Some would think that […]

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Bad weather delays photo shoot

11th January 2010

By this time today we should have been nailing some great shots for the Spring/Summer 2010 catalogue for The Collar Company, unfortunately, due to the bad weather, we had to postpone the shoot for two weeks.


ISO12647 and digital print

10th December 2009

RE: Xerox’s iGen4 has the colour accuracy to take digital print into packaging, Andrew Tribute, PrintWeek, 27 November 2009.

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The unsustainability of print production

2nd December 2009

Having been in the print industry for 23 years I have clearly seen many changes. However, the transformation that the industry is going through at the moment is unprecedented.

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Spam free email please!

There is clearly nothing like an overdose of spam to hurry things through the system. No not quite another award winning ditty from the Mulberry Square copywriters – just a situation that has come to a head in fact. A few weeks ago we held meetings with a potential new client and what with the […]

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How can it be? 30k gone-aways out of 85k mailed

27th November 2009

Imagine my shock and horror today when I was told of a mailing that was posted out recently where it was found that 30,000 catalogues posted out in a total of 85,000 mailed were gone-aways! Absolute madness… How can a business be so irresponsible and make such a fatal error? They might as well have […]

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