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Why be a ‘Marketing Services Provider (MSP)’?

15th November 2009

Simple… our world is changing. Business is changing, marketing communications are changing and communications platforms have already changed. Long gone are the days when you could stand alone in this world as a Marketeer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Data Analyst, Printer, Print Manager, Print Finisher, Mailing House, even a postal service provider – […]


Paper price hikes put pressure on marketing budgets

I refer to the latest round of paper price hikes introduced by all UK paper merchants on Monday 2nd November 2009. These paper price hikes of between 5-8% affect both coated and uncoated papers and boards. They come despite significant restructuring and cost reduction programmes implemented by the paper mills and merchants. The merchants claim […]

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ISO12647-2: Why print a Colour Management Guide…

14th November 2009

I refer to this article dated 29th October 2009. An oversight or a cock-up? I commend Heidelberg for their effort but to what end? I find it pretty difficult to criticise what I, and many deem to be the standard bearers in terms of printing press manufacture. 95% of the presses our ‘partners in print’ […]

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