ISO12647-2: Why print a Colour Management Guide…

I refer to this article dated 29th October 2009.

An oversight or a cock-up? I commend Heidelberg for their effort but to what end? I find it pretty difficult to criticise what I, and many deem to be the standard bearers in terms of printing press manufacture. 95% of the presses our ‘partners in print’ employ are made by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, and why? Because these printers can, when using ISO12647 accredited papers supplied by Howard Smith Papers, match our contract proofs, ran through a GMG/Epson system and calibrated to FOGRA 39L – the ISO12647 European standard for proofing. In their attempt to align themselves with the ISO12647-2 colour management standard Heidelberg have scored a bit of an own goal!

ISO12647-2: Why print a Colour Management Guide on a paper that does not meet the standards set by the ISO?

The word on the street is that Heidelberg have a deal in place with Robert Horne for the supply of paper – well done Robert Horne but really, how can it be that they thought that nobody would pick up on the fact that the papers used in the guide do not meet the criteria set by the ISO? The result – a colour guide with a price tag of £50.00 + VAT that does not meet the standards set by the ISO!

Sadly, since this article was written, the Howard Smith Papers business and brand have disappeared from the UK print and paper landscape.