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Mulberry Square, Leicestershire's leading online marketing company for businesses and retailers - online and on the high street, not only in Leicester and Loughborough but across the UK's Midlands, who not only want to build their brands but want to gain more business.

Whether your business would benefit from greater brand awareness, an increase in non brand traffic through SEO and higher search engine rankings, improved customer engagement and reputation management through social media or content marketing or a boost in sales conversion or response, our online marketing specialists will prepare and implement tailor made online marketing strategies and promotions that gets results.

From our UK based consultancy in Mountsorrel, near Loughborough and Leicester, our online marketers apply their specialist skills to the benefit of a range of clients we service. These online marketing services provide an invaluable level of support to those clients who sell products and services online to a diverse and varied audience who respond differently to the many marketing communications we design, write and implement to meet the overall strategic objectives we develop together.

We'll help your promotion grab attention online...

Being noticed amongst the many thousands of marketing communications and messages that are seen and transmitted each day can seem an unsurmountable task at times, however we will help you have a clear vision of how you want your customers to see you.

We have the experience and the expertise to make you stand out from the crowd; whether it be with well crafted content for your website that appeals to the search engines; punchy, direct and relevant words in an online advertising campaign, promotion or an emailshot; or well researched information that boosts the power of your social media drive with a view to setting you out either as an expert or a retailer of high-quality desirable goods.

We'll work with you to develop an online marketing strategy that is right for you and your business, over the short, medium and long term, that is both affordable and effective.

We'll help to drive traffic to your website...

By implementing a social media or content marketing strategy you can create brand awareness, but as a consequence of implementing your online marketing programme a key goal is to drive traffic to your website because it is here that you can rienforce your message or make that sale.

A well executed on site and offsite content marketing campaign can also be used to build lists for directly marketing to with email and cross media campaigns generating direct responses that can include site visits as well as promoting the goods and services you offer.

The reason for being SEO friendly and well optimised for the Google UK search engines is to generate good natural search results and to reduce the cost of paid search (Google Adwords) and other online advertising. Why be well optimised for search? To generate traffic to you site expose your target market to your brand, products and services  - without traffic there is little point in being there!

We'll show you how to be sticky...

Once you are pushing or pulling traffic to your site then it is vitally important to make your website sticky, what we mean here is that once you have succeeded in gaining a visitor then to benefit over the longer term there needs to be a good reason for them to come back. The key to this is for you to be useful to them in some way and this is where blogs and forums come in to their own as a key component of your internet marketing strategy. Not only do they gain additional prestige and ranking with the search engines but they give you the opportunity to interact with your audience, add a personable face to your business, but also to set yourself out as an expert in your field.

Together we will set goals and help you with online conversion...

In any business it is important to set goals and with internet marketing it is no different - your online marketing needs to be paid for and needs to be measured. We will work with you to set these goals to make sure that they are achievable, in a suitable timescale and that enough is being done from all parties to ensure that they are within reach and are realistic.

At this point we will set out the strategy for conversion, conversion being the key to realising all of our efforts, finding a way to monetise your investment and gain a return on your investment (ROI).

These goals and conversions can take many forms - they can be as simple as making a purchase, generating an enquiry, booking in a meeting, receiving a telephone call, filling in a questionairre or signing up to a mailing list. What is important is that your internet marketing programme is measured using these goals and conversions.

We'll help you understand, measure and analyse the results...

With each individual online marketing service we employ as part of your online programme we will implement tools to measure the behaviour, actions, successes and trends of the visitors you capture. The techniques we apply will enable us to react accordingly in what is known to be a fluid and fickle arena. The understanding and evaluation of the trands that occur require knowledge, experience and to some degree an instinct that we will not promise you can learn from us but at the very least appreciate when we work together to help your business gain greater success.

It's so important to choose the right online marketing company for your business. Please do not hesitate to email or call us on 0116 237 4603 to arrange a FREE consultation, whereupon you can decide whether we are the right online marketing company for you.

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