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As a Google AdWords Agency Certified Partner, we are in a perfect position to help you maximise your advertising budget for your online ppc advertising. We work with many companies, across various markets, helping them achieve their aims in the most cost effective way possible. We have a proven track record in driving more traffic to companies’ websites, whilst simultaneously decreasing their cost per acquisition.

Which statement is truest for you?

  • I want to be found in Google when people search for my service? You need AdWords Search.
  • I am selling products and want more people who are looking for those products to buy from me. You need AdWords Shopping.
  • I want to increase awareness of my brand. You need AdWords Display.
  • I want to capture people who visit my site but don’t buy from or contact me. You need AdWords Remarketing.


Google AdWords: Search Management and Set up

Whether you are looking to start a completely new AdWords campaign, or would like us to manage an existing one, our Google AdWords agency certified team is available to help you get the most out of your ppc spend. Once we know what your ambitions are, we can do the rest. We will perform an audit on your site to help us determine the right keywords to target in order to attract the best customers for you. We will also advise you where improvements should be made on your site to help it work harder to attract customers. We understand that your website is a key member of your sales team, and it is therefore really important that our AdWords management allows you to get the best from it.

Google AdWords: Shopping Management for Ecommerce Websites

If you have an ecommerce website selling directly to your customers and you don’t use Google Shopping, you are missing out on an important revenue stream. Our Google Shopping Management service will allow you to promote your products directly into Google’s search results, allowing customers to compare individual products directly, and more importantly, to click through and buy. We have a proven track record with increasing companies’ sales via our Google Shopping Management service, in turn increasing sales revenue by up to 116% in the first 6 months alone.

Google AdWords: Display Advertising

We can use display ads to great effect, really helping to increase brand awareness for you or your offering. Google display advertising works across a large network, meaning your ads are displayed to a huge number of people as they browse different websites. Display advertising is perfect for getting your company ‘out there’, as ads are displayed based on the type of websites people have looked at previously, rather than needing potential customers to be actively looking for you, as is the case with traditional AdWords search.

Google AdWords: Remarketing

An AdWords remarketing campaign is perfect to capture people who have previously visited your website, but who have not actually made a purchase or got in touch. The ideal way to keep yourself in people’s minds when they move from research/browsing and are ready to commit to your offering. AdWords remarketing makes it as easy as possible for customers to stay reminded of you, and also to have access to your website through just one click.

How to make more money with PPC while spending less

If you want to increase your revenue through your website, then just get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable ppc team today on 0116 237 4603, and we can begin!

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