Online Advertising and Google Adwords

Have you ever wondered how those sponsored links got there? Let Mulberry Square show you how

Marketing is vital in making your web site work for you. Without a marketing strategy, all of our efforts would be wasted. From the results of our consultation, we will detail recommendations for your strategy. Some of these recommendations will be web based, some of which will have already been implemented as part of our package and others will require additional application which will be for you and your organisation to implement as part of your overall strategy.

Target your market with branding and banners

While banner advertising has decreased in effectiveness over the last few years it can still be useful as part of a mixed campaign - especially as part of an affiliate advertising scheme. We can help identify sites that are right for you and arrange either banner advertising or site branding. Through experience we know how to grab attention without turning people away. From a single banner to full site branding we can work with you to find the site, produce graphics and book the campaign.

Use the power of directories

It may seem to be old hat to use directories but of course we are not referring to the heavy yellow printed types. We and many of our customers achieve great results by using FREE online directories and the SEO power that they inherently have through their frequent use and updatability.

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