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Mulberry Square is on a mission… We are one of the leading Loughborough SEO companies providing our clients in the Leicestershire area with effective professional SEO services; helping them to gain more business by increasing their profile locally, regionally, nationally and worldwide with UK Google rankings to match their bigger rivals.

Why do you need SEO? The reason why we provide professional Google SEO services to our clients is because it is an underlying fundamental bedrock for any organisation wanting to do or gain business online in the modern world. It underpins and drives knowledge and understanding of the principles of business and marketing and it will inform all of your other marketing activities, give you knowledge of what your target market wants and how to not only reach them but for them to find you; not just or your fbrand name but for what you have to offer them. This is what is commonly known as non-brand marketing traffic and online it is the most cost-effective and successful way of introducing and establishing your brand online. Get it wrong and you will be throwing your money into the wind.

How did Mulberry Square get so involved in search engine optimisation?

11 years after building our first website, an eCommerce website for a mail order catalogue company and many more for other businesses and charities over the subsequent years, we produced a website of our own - then later that year,  we were told by the director of a £230m facilities management company at MediaPro 2010 at the Olympia Exhibition Centre, London that it was ranked number 1 on Google UK worldwide search for what we did as a business 'Marketing Services Provider'. A fact that he'd gleaned from a presentation he'd just walked out of, presented by the British Printing Industries Federation, about becoming a Marketing Services Provider.

We had in fact been optimising and monitoring our progress towards gaining natural, local, keyword ranking positions on the Google UK search engine for 'Marketing Services Loughborough' and 'Marketing Services Leicester' for our website homepage. Well you can imagine our delight and pride at being given this news by someone we'd just been introduced to. Then came that light bulb moment when our pride was followed very rapidly by the realisation that we not only knew how we achieved it but that it was a service that we could provide for the benefit of our customers for affordable monthly fees and provide us with the opportunity to form closer relationships with our clients. In our minds there is no better feeling than that gained by contributing towards the success of others.

We have the SEO knowledge, tools and techniques to help you and your business get friendly with Google…

Google image
Google Places for business

In the UK Google claims a massive 67% of the search engine market. As such, the 15 year history and all associated tools provide the basis of how we analyse the performance of the website and SEO

Google Places for business
This essentially allows you to found in more ways than just an organic result. Your business information can be found via Google maps and Google+ giving you increased visibility in localised searches. You will have noticed that Google integrates these results within organic listings so they are crucial in order to capitalise on organic traffic, a must for regionally specific SEO and increasingly valuable in gaining favour in the organic ranking results with Google.

Google Adwords
These ads work on a cost per click basis. You set a budget and your price per click is determined by how competitive the phrase and the quality score of the landing page you submit. This means that if you have the basic elements of you page set up coupled with high quality SEO, your quality score will be higher and subsequently you will benefit from lower click charges or more clicks for your budget. A well managed campaign can help your business gain a good return on investment.

Google Product listing ads
Previously called Google Merchant Centre and free this new service is aimed at e-commerce sites. They are search ads that list relevant products and display information such as price and an image. It works on cost per action. This means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and completes a purchase on your site. Being run through a Google Adwords account, there is a quality score element which isn't revealed to you however we strongly believe that your quality score can be increased and click charges can be lower when high quality SEO is carried out.


We want Google to be your new best friend. Why? Because it controls one of the key gateways to business success. Is Google bad? Not all big necessarily means bad. There are many that like to dress Google up as being some kind of monster but what it is really doing is creating a level playing field when it comes to doing business. Never has there been such opportunity for so many - just look at the big businesses that are trying to knock us off the top.

Not only does Google provide the platform for you to find what you need but it also provides it for others to find what you want to offer them. And the best bit is that it gives us the tools to analyse and improve your online proposition. But Google doesn't make it clear as to exactly what it is they want from my website for high search rankings I hear you say! We know that and we understand why - it's because they reward natural relevant content that is accessible and presented to them in a logical way. It doesn't want anyone to cheat you out of your rightful position.

We love Google and we want you to love them too.

Website SEO comes in a variety of flavours…

We have bags of experience optimising Wordpress, Drupal, CMS Made Simple and Magento eCommerce websites for search; local, global, organic branded, external, on page, on page and back end but what really matters is that it is professional white hat SEO is applied to a well considered business, marketing and SEO strategy, following an SEO audit where optimal and affordable SEO techniques are applied to the implementation strategy for your benefit.

Of course domain age, history, authority, page architecture, social signals and inbound links all play a massive part in the success of an SEO campaign but the most important factor is quality. Quality of your SEO audit, research, planning and implementation.

Mulberry Square SEO Role of Honour

Google UK broad match first page keyword phrases on the web (The majority of which are top or in the top 3)


Geographic Keyword Phrases


Search Results*

  • Mulberry Square
  • Mulberry Square
  • Mulberry Square
  • Jabberjacks
  • Jabberjacks
  • D'Accord Management Services
  • Local
  • Local
  • Local
  • National
  • Local
  • Local
  • 106,000
  • 428,000
  • 708,000
  • 15,500
  • 607,000
  • 64,700,000
  • Client

    Non-Geographic Keyword Phrases

    Search Results*

  • Mulberry Square
  • Custom Lynx
  • Total Mast Solutions
  • Total Mast Solutions
  • Total Mast Solutions
  • 8,620,000
  • 58,900,000
  • 45,100,000
  • 4,280,000
  • 1,310,000
  • 646,,000
  • *As of 04/05/2016

    And so to clarify our mission…

    We are not only a Loughborough SEO company but a marketing services provider that wants to help and support those businesses and organisations that want to rise above their competitors and have the need for more sales and sales opportunities to benefit from the knowledge and experience we've gained, not only through gaining first page Google rankings for ourselves but for many of our customers since.

    We realise that when we mention SEO as a method for gaining those sales opportunities, many of you will be thinking 'Oh no, not another double glazing salesman. I've been had before and don't want to hear any more' and you know what, we really do understand. Many of those who work with now have been had before. We even get up to 10 badly designed and thought out emails a day telling us that our site isn't search engine optimised - usually by some bloke called Bob from Uttar Pradesh. It could be said that he's only doing his or her job but to be truthful it isn't helpful, shows a complete lack of research and knowledge and is a ruddy nuisance.

    When an SEO consultant, whether is offshore or local, asks you what search terms or what keyword phrase selection you want to be found for and you have a limited number to work to for link building then it is time to tell them to forget it and walk away - thta isn't SEO consultancy, he or she is a cheap imitation of the real thing.

    What you and your business really needs is a professional SEO company based locally in the UK and we will make it their mission to really understand your business intimately, identify what you need to sell and promote more of and why, identify what your target market is looking for and give you first page ranking positions for many keyword phrases to drive more traffic to your website via the most relevant pages on your website, from those in your target geographic area looking for what you have to offer them. Simple.

    When we say what you have to offer them, that can be goods or services, on brand or non brand, visible to the world on an eCommerce or via a simple content managed website and if you're not visible and accessible to your customers online then believe me, your competitors will be!

    Our long term gain?

    The SEO campaigns we manage are a valuable and lasting investment for any business. The work we do for our customers, in the Loughborough and Leicester area, provides them with long term value, not just a quick fix that ends when the campaign ends!

    Dissatisfied with your Google rankings, visits to your website, the number of sales opportunities you get, cost of your Google Adwords campaign or the service that your SEO consultant is giving you? Mulberry Square can help you grow your business or reduce your spend.

    You thought that only the big players could afford SEO? Think again. The question is can you and your business afford not to? Why not take advantage of our offer of a FREE SEO consultation? To discuss how a Mulberry Square SEO campaign can be of benefit to you and your business, please fill in and submit our SEO contact form above or call our online marketing team on 0116 237 4603 and they we be happy to help.

    25th August 2016

    We're all familiar with the concept of spam and spam traffic to websites that shows up on Google Analytics' data and can, depending on the size of the site and the level of traffic it receives, really skew the data collected and make it hard to accurately analyse what is happening with the site and its visitors. Ghost spam shows up in Google Analytics as a visit, but doesn't mean anything or anyone has visited the site. Learn about creating the right filters to avoid it.

    8th October 2015

    The ones that follow you around the Internet, the ones that pop up half way through the article you're reading or the flashy ones at the top of a page. Adverts are everywhere and are ever more pervasive, invasive and persistent, until now. Ad blocking, particularly in mobile advertising, is becoming even easier for the user to do, potentially plunging your advert, your money and your presence online into oblivion. Ad blocking has grown globally by 41% in the past year alone as more users are purging their pages in favour of a clutter free viewing that is of their choosing.

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