Social Media Marketing

Mulberry Square can help you see real returns on your online marketing investment by creating a targeted social media marketing strategy for your business or voluntary organisation

Whatever you want to do with social media…

From our central UK base near Loughborough and Leicester our social media marketing team can help you reach customers online and generate sales using the latest social media marketing techniques no matter where you’re starting from. If your business is new to social media marketing we can get you started; establishing your online presence and starting the conversations that lead to opportunities or to an improvement in your reputation. If your business has started social media marketing, but you need a targeted strategy, we can help you too.

Is social media marketing for your business?

The short answer to this question is yes, but social media marketing is most effective when planned and, more importantly, monitored.

Many businesses are aware of the importance of social media as part of their overall marketing strategy, so they set up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts, and start talking about their products. They may as well be talking to themselves! Social media marketing is all about conversations and the chance to interact with customers in a way only offered before by face-to-face communication. You can use it to see what real customers think of your business and its products, you can ask them to show you how they use your products via uploaded photos and videos, you can head off PR disasters by communicating quickly and effectively with customers in a crisis. The benefits of social media marketing are as varied as the platforms out there in internetland.

Mulberry Square’s social media marketing team has the experience to help you get it right first time. We will help you identify the platforms best suited to reach your target audience, whether that is another business or the public at large, and we will create a strategy to build these online relationships which can in time create a global network of advocates of your brand.

You need a social media marketing strategy...

Another common mistake is to establish your business’ online presence, tick social media marketing off your to do list, then move on to the seven other urgent things you have to do before lunch. This will not work.

For you to realise any return on your social media marketing investment, you have to keep doing it. It’s not enough to write the occasional blog post or post the odd picture on Facebook and ask people to like it, you have to keep the material coming and it needs to be relevant to your audience.

Here at Mulberry Square we can plan your social media marketing strategy to make sure your fans and followers have something to new to look at regularly. Over time this will encourage them to visit your site more often and they will start to share your content with their friends and colleagues. In short your customers will do your marketing for you. What more could you ask for?

Well, you could ask those that have benefitted from the social media marketing support we've given them! Why not take a look? In less than four days we helped Miche Bag UK reach out to its audience and gain 454 genuine new followers and over 500 retweets on Twitter. Not a bad effort we even we say it ourselves.

For more information about any aspect of social media marketing or how it could benefit your business, please contact or give us a call on 0116 237 4603 and we'll be happy to help.

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